Business Cards Versus Invitational Cards

Even though we like to believe that we have entered in the twenty first century where the usage of cards have long been gone but that is not the case as the era of cards has always been there and it seems like that they are here to stay. Irrespective of the fact that many applications like Face book, Whatsapp and snap chat have been discovered from where we can send digital cards but the importance of actual cards is still on another level. There are cards for every occasion and every moment. In this article, we will be particularly discussing about only two types of cards which are business cards and invitational cards.


Cards are one of the oldest ways of sending or receiving different short forms of messages. The length and overall size of these cards keep varying. They range from three inch card in length to over twelve inch card. Besides the length of cards, other factors like designing, coloring and styling also changes. The change of these factors depends upon the type of card. If the card is meant for formal purposes like business card or promotional card then the design of a card will be more sober with decent selection of colors. However, if the card is meant for informal events like birthday invitation cards, wedding invitation cards, congratulatory cards, Valentines Day cards and other such type of cards then there is some addition of designs and decorations.

Business cards:

People use different marketing strategies to promote their company among the people. One of the oldest one is promotion by the help of business cards. Business cards are small sized cards. These small size cards constitutes of all the basic information that public needs to know about the particular company. Along with the name of a company, its number and other basic information is written but in not in elaborate way because of their small size. The reason for their small size is that they can be fitted anywhere. Their printing font is simple and decent with sober background color that enhances the written words on it. However, to give some life to the business cards

Invitational cards:

Invitational cards are being used since ages and still this is the best way for calling your loved ones to your respective event, be it a birthday or a wedding. The trend of birthday invitational cards is somewhat vanishing because of the introduction of different applications through which message can be delivered but the wedding invitational cards still holds lot of importance.


Cards are the best means for delivering your message, request or feelings in a shortest way to the next person. There are different types of cards which may include formal cards as well as informal cards. Business cards are formal cards while invitational cards are informal cards. “Fast printing” offers the surfaces of printing best kinds of business cards.